Hi, I'm Neil Keleher

Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

I only recently found out that what I do (and try to teach) is called "reasoning from first principles".

You may know me or have heard of me from my yoga website (sensational yoga poses), or from my youtube channel. For both of those my focus is on using yoga as a context for helping you better learn to feel and control your body. I mainly focus on teaching muscle control. (It's what I believe to be a first principles approach to learning to feel and control our body, but I could be very very wrong.)

In other news I also have a website that deigns to make Chinese character lookup easy, especially for us foreigners who don't know how to figure out a characters radical. (Chinsym.zeroparallax)

Oh yes, I dabble in programming. I did really badly in the software design courses in uni. Now, 24 years later, hopefully I'm making up for it. I did turn my Chinese dictionary idea into an app and I actually did have it in the apple store for a year. And I'm really proud of the results (I use it on my phone!) But now my focus is on learning things like node.js and react so that I can design for the web first.

Because I'm a stubborn git (some might say "old"), I like to do everthing myself. I designed my own websites, my own ebooks and video courses and to be honest, I like doing that. I like learning. And I like helping people learn how to learn. And that's the focust on my newest website (which is actually the domain that I've held onto for the longest time), zeroparallax. That's where I'll be doing a lot more writing on 'reasoning from first principles'.

Oh yes, I do have a patreon page. At the time of writing I have one Patron (thank you D69!) and right now it's mainly about muscle control. But part of the beauty of patreon is that I can modify the offerings I provide.